Uncle Bardie’s Movie of the Week: Ain’t Mother Nature Grand

Once a week on Monday, Uncle Bardie shares a movie with his Readers he gives a big two thumbs up. It will simply be a short excerpt or a trailer. Uncle Bardie might even throw in a reflection on the movie. If so, it will make an appearance below the video. So pop some popcorn and give yourself a treat. This week’s movie is “Flight of the Butterflies” (2012):

Mother Nature has given this planet something spectacular. The Monarch Butterfly is indeed an amazing creature. A miracle of beauty. It moves noiselessly across our fields and back yards, making its way on a migration few of us have ever realized. When I see the Monarch fluttering along in my back yard, I stop and look in amazement. These creatures are something.

It is only recently that science has discovered how miraculous this creature is. It migrates from the mountains of Mexico north into Texas and then further north to New England and Canada, then returning to the mountains of Mexico. It takes three generations to make that migration. The third generation migrates over a thousand miles to return to its homeland in Mexico.

“Flight of the Butterflies” chronicles this extraordinary migration and the Canadian entomologist Fred Urquhart who made the Monarch Butterfly his life’s work. .