Near 500 words: TW Goes Missing In Action

Episode 7 of The Writer.

TW (aka The Writer) walked around the house, looking for the robin. It was nowhere to be found. It had lit out for parts unknown. Then he realized that there was no birds filling the spring morning with their song. They seemed to be missing in action.

TW sighed and headed back in doors. As he opened the kitchen door, Cat dashed outside.”You’re on your own today, Buddy. I’m not waiting on you out here on the porch. I just don’t have it in me.”

Cat gave him on of those looks that cat owners known may just mean trouble.

“Okay.” There was a resignation in his voice. “Let me get a cup of coffee.” He filled the Keurig with water and waited.  As he did, he thought of the lines he had written. He had the next sentences worked out until the robin showed up. The water was hot. He popped the cup into the Keurig and poured his coffee into his Grumpy mug. Then he grabbed his kindle and sat down on the back porch.

Cat was giving him the eye. “What took you so long?”

TW lifted the mug to his lips and sipped and ignored the cat. He just wasn’t in the mood.

Cat, being Cat, sensed her human just wasn’t in the mood for their usual game. She came over to him, gave him a consoling meow and laid her body across his feet.

Sitting in the chair, TW realized he didn’t have the energy for writing. Cat’s body felt warm across his bare feet as he waited for his mood to pass. An hour passed and his cup was empty and his mood had not passed. He mustered up the energy, reached down, pushed Cat off his feet, then he stood up. “Let’s go inside.”

Cat followed TW into the house. He rinsed out the mug and sat it in the sink, then he went back into his office and sat down at the computer. He looked at the lines he had written.

It was the week after Mrs. Dish ran away with Mr. Spoon. All because of the Cat and the Fiddle. They had introduced the two at a company picnic. On top of that, Cat had jumped over the moon.

Then he typed. Jack sat on the stool beside the cow. Maudie was being cooperative as Jack squeezed her teat. The warm milk…

TW stopped. Then he jumped up and hurried to the hall closet. He reached and pulled down a cardboard box. He dropped the ingredients on the floor and there it was.