Inquiring minds: 10 questions about Star Wars

Spoiler alert.

Now that I have seen “The Rise of Skywalker,” I have some questions:

1.We know that Star Wars always takes place in a Galaxy far, far away. Which far far away Galaxy is it?

2.Will Disney ever get rid of the Roman numerals and just use numbers? Like Star Wars Episode 9? I hope so. I am tired of saying Star Wars Eye Ex.

3.Is Finn named after Huck Finn? Poe named after Edgar Allan Poe? Could Rey be named after the science fiction writer, Lester Del Rey?

4.Since J J Abrams directed both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” did Spock show up incognito in “Star Wars.” If so, why didn’t Captain KirK do a cameo?

5.Is Poe the new Han Solo? If he is, will Rey get together with him the way Han Solo and Princess Leia got together? And what will their children be called? Anakin?

6.Since J J Abrams can resurrect Palpatine, will he resurrect Darth Vader in the next Star Wars movie?

7.Since J J Abrams was able to resurrect Carrie Fisher for “The Rise of Skywalker,” will he resurrect Iron Man?

8.Since Star Wars VII – IX was recycled IV – VI, will Star Wars X – XII be a recycled I – III?

9.If anybody directs Star Wars X – XII, it should be Christopher Nolan. Perhaps he’ll do a Star Wars trilogy like he did Batman: “Darth Vadar Rises,” “Darth Vadar,” and “Darth Vadar Begins.” I can see Batman as the Vadar now. Then perhaps Luke Skywalker will go over to the Dark Side and become the Joker.

10.The Millennium Falcon has about had it. Is it possible that it will retire in the next episode of Star Wars? I hope so. It deserves a rest.