Uncle Bardie’s Music Spot: Miss Ella sings

Today’s song calls attention to the fact that they don’t write songs like they used to. And they don’t sing them like they used to either. With the exception of a few artists.

If you want to know what an angel sounds like when they sing, check out Ella Fitzgerald. Whether she sang a little ditty like “Tisket a tasket” or a song like “Someone to Watch Over Me,” she could take you to the moon and back with her voice. Listening to her, we’re listening to perfection.

And she makes it look so easy. When I’m listening to Miss Ella singing, I know what a song was meant to sound like. She invites you for a ride and it is so smooth and easy and wonderful, you want to take a second ride, then a third, and a fourth and a fifth.

So relax and listen to a true master. The choice for today’s Thursday’s Music Spotlight is Miss Ella giving us “But Not for Me.” It’s from George and Ira Gershwin’s musical, “Girl Crazy,” originally performed by Ginger Rogers. It’s one of the great love songs of the twentieth century.

micropoem for the day: another Saturday morning

It’s Saturday morning. I get up early and feed the cat. She has been after me for some time. Once the cat is fed, I sit down and think about the day ahead. Saturdays are usually the day for things needed getting done. Cleaning the bathroom. Doing laundry. Errands that have been put off but now are demanding attention. Sitting there with my half filled cup of coffee, I start to doze off. Sometime later, about fifteen or so minutes, I shake myself awake and find the house in such a marvelous state.

the house is quiet
bird sounds from outside
the cat rattles paper