The angel in the snow

The angel looked around him and saw nothing but snow and leafless trees. She pulled her wings around her to keep warm. The snow was up to her ankles. It was a good thing she had worn her angel boots. In the distance, she saw what she was looking for. The child she had come to rescue. Slowly her feet moved step by step through the snow. She would have hurried but the snow held her. The girl must be freezing in this winterscape.

It seemed like it was a long time before the angel reached the girl. It wasn’t. But, when you are trying to hurry to save a child, it can be. The girl was lying in the snow and turning blue. That was not good. She was starting to fall asleep.

The angel picked the child up and held her in her arms. She wrapped her wings around the two of them. The child was still breathing but just barely. And her heart rate was slow.

Harriet was the angel’s name. She had performed rescue missions before. This one seemed to be different. Earlier she received her orders, and they said ASAP. That meant this one was special. Usually Harriet moved fast but this time she had moved lickety-split.

Slowly the child was warming up. Her eyes opened, and she smiled. “Mommy,” she said.

Harriet let her go with the illusion. It was best. This meant the child was not afraid. If Harriet decided to destroy her illusion, the little girl might start struggling and that was not good. “Yes, child,” Harriet said. “We’ll be okay. You can go back to sleep.”

The child snuggled up next to Harriet’s breasts. “Mommy,” she said. “Your heart is not beating.”

“It is. It’s just not loud like yours.”

The snow was getting deeper. It was up to Harriet’s knees. She would have flown, but in this cold weather, the wings would have frozen. It would take Harriet weeks to thaw them out. So slowly she trudged through the snow toward the building in the distance.

The child’s body was warm against Harriet. The blue had disappeared from her cheeks.

Harriet was starting to feel the cold at her back. With the wings wrapped around the child, her back was not as protected as it would have been otherwise. In her mind’s eye, she saw the future. Actually she saw two futures. One she was taking off without the child and heading to a warm climate. As soon as the wings reached the heavens, they would keep their warmth.

In the other future, her feet slowly made it to the building, getting slower and slower with each step. She reached the house and managed to pry the door open. Then she pushed the child inside. A woman took the child, and Harriet’s body froze.

That night a comet crossed the sky, a star died, and the sky cried with the sadness of the loss of another angel. It would take ten thousand years for Harriet’s replacement to come into being.

Big Don

This here is my theme song and it is to be sung to the tune of Jimmy Dean’s “Big John”

1.He was a heck of a man

With a slight slight tan

Six foot none

And his hair was gone.

He was Don, Big Don,

Big Tall Don.


2.He wore a hat

To the right it tipped

And dark glasses too

So he wouldn’t catch flu.

He was Don, Big Don,

Big Tall Don.


3.He was a library clerk

And he loved to work

He came in at noon

Sometimes a little too soon.

He was Don, Big Don,

Big Tall Don.


4.He arrived at work one Monday day

Everything was thrown every which-a-way

He looked from side to side and all around

There wasn’t a clerk anywhere to be found

He heard a noise from away far-off

A still small voice with an obvious cough

He went to the cabinet sitting in front

He pulled out a drawer and began his hunt.

He was Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.


5.The voice he’d heard it was down in there

Where it was he couldn’t be sure

He reached on in and pulled himself through

The hole in the drawer fit like an old shoe

He followed what he’d heard deep deep down

Through the caverns and caves he followed that sound

When after a heck of a whole lotta feet

He found himself just about to retreat.

He was Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.


6.The hole got smaller but the sound grew louder

So on he plunged and the tunnel was a bit tighter

While up above the librarians stood

And listened all the best that they could

For the Yodeling Don and the lost clerks

Trapped deep down in the depths of the earth

He kept on moving and moving on he went

Creeping and crawling through every little vent.

He was Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.


7.Until upon a group he finally came

All stuck under a pile of books and magazines

Well he digged and he dugged and he digged real fast

The air in that tunnel surely wouldn’t last

He pushed and he pulled and he got a clerk out

Sent her above as the librarians gave a happy shout

There were ten, twenty, thirty clerks or more

And pulling them out was like mining for ore.

He was Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.


8.But out they did come one by one

And the books they fell ton by ton

Barely missing clerk by clerk until

There was only one clerk left to kill

Then Don had saved them all

He’d come to the rescue and didn’t stall

But now he was caught in the head

Banged by a ten pound book about lead.

He was Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.


9.First he was stunned and then knocked out

As he fell to the floor turning around and about

They came crashing down upon him they fell

As the last rescued clerk crawled through the shell

Of an underground that was all blocked off

By all those books that had fallen rough

Upon the man they’d known as

Don, Big Don, Big Tall Don.