Thursday’s Music Spot: A Blast from the Past

It was 1975 and all seemed right with the world. Nixon was gone and Ford was okay. Vietnam was behind us. Sure, gas prices had sent America into a panic. But there was nothing like a good song blasting out from the car radio.And who better than the three-man band, America, to blast it. It was the perfect radio band with their wonderful harmonies. And perfect for a summer driving down the highway without a care in the world. After all, I was young and starting a new life after my time in the Air Force.

America sang very sing-along-able songs. Short very memorable lyrics and equally memorable melodies. Songs like A Horse With No Name, Sandman and Ventura Highway. They were songs with no deep meaning. Just fun in the sun kind of songs. And as far as I am concerned, Sister Golden Hair was the best.