Moonlight and midday

The sea is blue
at high tide at night,
a moon above
a great ball of light,
stars sprinkling on
a canvas of sky,
gulls cawing out,
“Come with us and fly.”

Dolphins and whales
through the seas they run,
singing their songs
under moon and sun.
Waves of water
rising and falling,
sea and the wind
hear the shore calling.

Blue and the blue
the sky and the sea
and the white clouds
and shadows of trees.
Sand brown beaches
nesting turtle eggs
till the sea calls
from the water’s edge.

The sun setting,
moon rise in the east,
stars returning,
the great and the least.
The horizon
a distance away,
sea and the sky,
moonlight and midday.

The sea is blue
at high tide at night.

micropoem for the day: the sun

Each day is different. Some have a bit of color more than others. And some days, the sun washes the world in color. Each time you look at a spot it is different than the last time. A poem, a painting, a photograph can only capture one particular moment. The next moment or the next day is different. Maybe not in big ways but, at least, in small ways. We only notice the changes when we observe.

sun brushing the sky
streaks of yellow and red
on a blue canvas