The Fairy Tale Blues

Rapunzel has her hair,
Cinderella has her shoes,
Goldilocks has her bears,
And I’ve got the Fairy Tale Blues.

My name is Prince Charming,
But you can call me Prince.
My teeth are pearly white,,
And I know how to dance.

I can do the Quickstep,
My Cha Cha is so fine,
I’m Mister Twist and Tango,
I can Minuet on a dime.

I kissed Sleeping Beauty.
She said, “I’m taking a nap.”
Snow White ate an apple.
It was me who took the rap.

They say I stole the beans
Jack got for his silly cow.
I took it on the chin
When Jack hit me, and how.

I crashed Kind Cole’s party.
Dumpty’s gone to pieces.
The Kingdom’s overrun.
I’m blamed for all the meeses.

All this means but one thing.
Of this I am assured.
Time to get out of Dodge.
I’ve given them my word.

I’m off on vacation.
Permanently so.
I shall never return.
Where I go I do not know.

Maybe greener pastures
Will be waiting down the line.
Somewhere over the rainbow
Kansas will be just fine.

micropoem for the day: the hat

I have several caps. One is a Grumpy cap. It matches my Grumpy t-shirt and my Grumpy mug. Guess you could say that Grumpy is my favorite dwarf. Of all the dwarfs, he was the one who always asked why. “Why we taking that girl in? She’s trouble.” Once she had stayed awhile with the dwarfs, he asked, “Why we letting that girl go? It’s dangerous out there.” If you were a dwarf, which one would you be? Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Doc, Happy, or Grumpy?

cap on the wall
seven seasons a friend
ready for another