micropoem for the day: horses

This one is a three-parter, first an earlier poem, then a micropoem, ending with a song:

I dream in horses
Fierce the magnet that draws to the horizon’s end
Mustangs galloping, their wild hearts bursting,
Straining into the wind, hoof beats
pounding freedom into the dust.
Unbreakable strength in eyes bold and violent,
Spirits of liberty running with deep intent at one with arroyo,
Canyon and mesa, their chosen calling a challenge,
Their neighing cry against a fenced-in range forever a foe
Of ponies flying their race against time and man.

After trees and dogs and cats, I think my favorite creatures are horses. They are such magnificent creatures. It seems to me that when you ride a horse, you’re sitting on top of the world, taking in all that can be taken in. There is something majestic about the horse whether they are wild or tame, whether they’re racing across the range or just hanging loose in a pasture.

horse on the meadow
grass green for his pleasure
a prancing floor

Ian Tyson’s “La Primera”.