Everyday’s a little bit shadow
Everyday’s a little dark
And when the night comes
She will break your heart

The river’s always rising
The sun sinks into the sea
On the horizon
Distance is close to me

Forever is a long time
When only a day will do
The road you carry
Is the you that is you

It’s a long winter’s night now
And the snow is on the ground
Soon the world will melt
When spring comes around

micropoem for the day: spring

Spring is here. You heard me. Spring is here. After this last winter, it’s about time. Just about everything and everyone is happy to see it coming. After the chilly con carne days of winter, spring is a pleasant way to begin the year. We crawl out of our hibernation. We store our winter clothes away. We stretch our arms and take in a big breath of fresh air. And we think. It’s great to be alive and well, kicking and screaming. Soon the opening day of baseball will be here, Life is just peachy keen.

nothing like a spring morning
the trees greet the sun
the birds sing and chirp

The eclipse

Today there will be a solar eclipse. All the world plans to watch the moon show off her goods. Or at least in my neck of the woods. The ones that have them will put on their special glasses and go outside and watch as the sun and the moon do their little dance.

Let’s hope that people do what they’ve been told. But who knows? Some might get headaches. Others might develop a fever. Blood pressure might rise. I’m not a pessimist but it could happen. Then the show would be a real downer.

Am I scared? Not really. I’m sure it’s going to be some kind of show.

Now if this were a science fiction movie, that would be a different story. Extra-terrestrials might land and try to take over the planet. It has been known to happen. Remember the pod people in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. I’m just saying.