micropoem for the day: the rear view mirror

I never know what I am going to see when I look in the rear view mirror of my car. Some days it’s just a regular guy trying to get to his regular job, making regular time. Some days it’s a mom with her 2.5 kids, heading to drop them off to school. Some days it is some young guy heading toward me like Superman making like a speeding bullet. Scary, isn’t it?

rear view mirror sight
man on a motorcycle
sitting in traffic

haiku for the day: life in the big city

It’s the end of the day. I’ve just finished work. It’s been a long day. The drive home is a monster. All the traffic. It’s almost like all those cars are after me. A guy cuts me off. Another one gives me the finger. Like he doesn’t think I have a gun. I don’t have a gun but I could. It’s one of those “people are just rude” days. Still another car pulls out in front of me. Thank God, my brakes work. Thank God, I had them fixed last week.  City traffic can be the worst. I pull into a fast food joint to get some sup. “Cause there isn’t any way I am going to be up to fixing a meal when I get home. Finally I pull into the driveway. Stumble out of my car. Fiddle with my keys. Drop them on the porch. Pick them up and finally slip them into the lock. Open the door and quickly shut it behind me before the world slips into my castle.

shoes off, black socks too
change of clothes and feed the cats
now time to relax

haiku for the day: stories

Every car has a story. Or maybe many stories. There’s the story of the car itself. How the car came to be in the possession of the driver. Then there’s the story of the driver and what the heck are they doing next to you in traffic. If there’s passengers, there are more stories.

Perhaps the driver turns to the passenger next to him and says, “So, you’re not going to marry me?” She might say, “You bet your sweet booty I won’t marry you.” “Then why are we still dating?” “I thought you might win the lottery.” The car is thinking, “Ha. Him win the lottery. He’s got worse luck than Louis XVI.” In case, you didn’t know. Louis XVI was Marie Antoinette’s cake-eating husband.

man in the next car
stopped at an intersection
it’s his turn to go