micropoem for the day: paying attention

Sometimes I wonder if Mother Nature isn’t showing off just for me. Yesterday, as I drove back and forth to work, I got to glance at some of her works in progress. There was that bird singing out her birdsong blues. There were those ants marching back and forth, working like there was no tomorrow. There were some flowers of various colors lifting their buds up in praise of the sun. Sometimes I wonder if they are not dancing and their feet are going around in such slow motion, I can’t see the motion. And that moon over yonder ain’t no slacker. This gig on Planet Earth can be such a delight.

trees line the street
their branches arch
shadows fall like leaves
in autumn

micropoem for the day: spring

Spring is here. You heard me. Spring is here. After this last winter, it’s about time. Just about everything and everyone is happy to see it coming. After the chilly con carne days of winter, spring is a pleasant way to begin the year. We crawl out of our hibernation. We store our winter clothes away. We stretch our arms and take in a big breath of fresh air. And we think. It’s great to be alive and well, kicking and screaming. Soon the opening day of baseball will be here, Life is just peachy keen.

nothing like a spring morning
the trees greet the sun
the birds sing and chirp

haiku for the day: the teacher

 We do love trees. So much I once wrote a poem called “The Fellowship of Trees”:
Feel the treeness
when trees treely stretch
branches leafily toward a lonely sky, 

anchored by a woody society of treeish support; 
these treeful neighbors that make a sunly day shady
and know the treely ways
of goodly tree stuff.

Of all the species on this pale blue dot we call earth, trees are the most wonderful. I pass a tree and I thank them for all they do. And they do it in silence. In spring, they splatter the landscape with green. They tell us that it’s time for the world to be reborn. And they give the birds a home. I often speculate that the birds are singing their praises for the trees. Come summer the trees offer shade. And then there is autumn and the lovely fruit they feed us with. Then the leaves fall, dancing their way to the earth from which the trees were born.

trees, grounded in earth
perfection stretching upward
a welcoming sky