poem for the day: the house

This is not one of my micropoems. What can I say. It came to me whole like this. Sure, I could have broken the lines up. Three lines today and three tomorrow and that would have fit my criteria for a micropoem. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this was one poem and not two. Anyway, the thought came to me that houses, haunted or otherwise, are like people. They have their own personalities.

I throw the bed covers
off my sleepy body,
feed the cat her morning grub,
setting the house in motion.
The house resists. Like me,
it wants one last doze.

haiku for the day: time

I wake up in the morning and take a look at the clock. It’s digital and it sits on the table next to my bed. Its bright numbers glare at me, telling me that it’s boss. Soon I am awake and at it. The cat purrs her hello. And a smile appears on my puss. One moment I am thinking it’s just an ordinary day. The next, there’s nothing ordinary about this day. There might just be a rainbow.

the days tick away
each a sunrise and sunset
time meditations

haiku for the day: morning shower

My mornings don’t begin with a shower. They begin with feeding the cats, a cup of coffee and a writing session. Then breakfast. Finally, a shower to completely wake me up. There’s nothing like a good shower to jerk the subconscious out of its malaise. Often an idea comes to me out of nowhere while I am showering. It might be a line for a story I am working on or it might be a new blog post. Zap! and it’s there. Hope I can keep it in mind while I hurry out of the shower and write it down. Many a great idea has been lost during that transition.

shower water falls
soap upon the face and arms
singing in the rain