Politics in America Characters

Characters of Politics in America 
Citizens of Weazel Sneaze 
P.F. Sneaze: the pig farmer, also known as The Great Man and President, Protagonist

Barbara Ann Butt, owner of the Twerl and Kurl

Barbara Ann’s four daughters, The Buttstettes: Bubble, Bunnie, Patootie and Muffin Butts.

Betty Sue Elmora Doris Bobbie Jo Pudding-Sneeze, known to one and all as B. S. Pudding, P. F. Sneaze’s ever-loving wife.

Brandi Wine Moonglow, beat out Betty Sue as head cheerleader in high school.

Clyde Perkalater, responsible for the biannual Washing of the Clyde.

Corncob Jones (Previous mayor, a Weazel)

Ellie May Marmalade (Big Bazookas) got her training at the Twurl and Kurl

Goof-off Sneeze, one of the original founders of Weazel Sneeze

Bessie Mae Hogg, P F’s prize winning pig

Citizens of Snort Holler 
Doctor Pudding, B S’s daddy and the maker of “Doctor Pudding’s Own Home Brew”

Hunka Hunka Burning Love of the Snort Holler Burning Loves

Do-Naughties (Do Naught Party 
A C Schister, Head lawyer of the legal team for the Campaign.

Big Al Fresco, the Party Elder Teacher

Knock-Knock Jones (Chapter 8), Presidential Candidate

Luxury, a delgate to the convention

Maynard Gee, the Vice President

Senator Butt Nekkid

Senator Boll Weavel

The Party Elders (The P.E.s)

Straw Hat, a delegate to the convention

Do-Evies (Do Everything Party) 
The Big Guy (President, Do-Alls)

President-in-waiting (Current Vice President) Little Twerp.

Big News Guy


The Magnificent Seven: Hokey, Pokey, Smokey, Okey, Dokey, Folksey and Cheese.

Stever the Cleaver: assassin extraordinary.

Weazel Sneeze (Population 25) 
Sam ‘N’ Ella’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Barbara Ann Butt’s Twerl and Kurl

Pig Pen USA (Chapter 17)

Podunk County Irregulars

The City Hall (an outhouse that holds four folks)

Mount Bicuspid where General Beauregard T. Abouttopop lost the Battle of the Other Side of the Mountain to General Hoppingmad.

Snort Holler 
The White Picket Fence Country Regulars

Welmarties in Snort Holler where P F bought his monkey suit and top hat

Holidays in Weazel Sneaze 
The Biannual Washing of the Clyde (Chapter 4)

Get a Snort Day (also known as Mayor’s Shadow Day)  on February 2 (Chapter 4)

The Big Tent in the Sky (the Do Naught’ Convention)