10 favorite moments in acting

Every so often I watch a movie or tv show and the actor(s) take my breath away with their performance. But it’s more than a performance. The actors have created life on film. This blog post recognizes ten of those incredible moments.

  1. Judd Hirsch and Wallace Shawn as brothers in Season 20, Episode 10 of “Law and Order Special Victims Unit.”
  2. Emma Thompson in the HBO film, “Wit.”
  3. Kate Winslet in the movie, “The Reader.”
  4. Al Pacino in the movie, “The Merchant of Venice.”
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch in “Richard III” of ‘The Hollow Crown” series.
  6. John Hurt as John Merrick in David Lynch’s “The Elephant Man.”
  7. Whoopi Goldberg in the movie, “The Color Purple.”
  8. Donald Sutherland in the movie, “Ordinary People.”
  9. Andy Griffith in the movie, “A Face in the Crowd.”
  10. Geoffrey Rush in the movie, “Final Portrait.”

Perhaps you have a favorite acting performance that moved you. Please feel free to mention it in the comments below.

What’s in a name

Michael the Archangel     Photo from wikimedia commons   Queen of Archangels Roman Catholic Parish
Clarence, PA
4 May 2019
Author Jmk7

Michael was fifty, and all the joy in his name had left him.

When he was a kid, he asked his mother about his name. “Why Michael?”

“Michael’s an Archangel,” she said. He knew that. “It’s your namesake. He’s gonna look out after you when things get rough. And, believe me, things are going to get rough.” He didn’t know that.

Things had been pretty good for him, so he never saw any reason for needing Michael. Until…

First there was the sinkhole. No problem. He had insurance.

Then there was the hurricane. He had insurance for that too.

The flooding? Insurance.

When he lost his business, he was getting the idea that somebody up there didn’t like him. There was no insurance for that.

Maybe it was time for Michael to step in.

Inquiring minds: 10 questions about Star Wars

Spoiler alert.

Now that I have seen “The Rise of Skywalker,” I have some questions:

1.We know that Star Wars always takes place in a Galaxy far, far away. Which far far away Galaxy is it?

2.Will Disney ever get rid of the Roman numerals and just use numbers? Like Star Wars Episode 9? I hope so. I am tired of saying Star Wars Eye Ex.

3.Is Finn named after Huck Finn? Poe named after Edgar Allan Poe? Could Rey be named after the science fiction writer, Lester Del Rey?

4.Since J J Abrams directed both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” did Spock show up incognito in “Star Wars.” If so, why didn’t Captain KirK do a cameo?

5.Is Poe the new Han Solo? If he is, will Rey get together with him the way Han Solo and Princess Leia got together? And what will their children be called? Anakin?

6.Since J J Abrams can resurrect Palpatine, will he resurrect Darth Vader in the next Star Wars movie?

7.Since J J Abrams was able to resurrect Carrie Fisher for “The Rise of Skywalker,” will he resurrect Iron Man?

8.Since Star Wars VII – IX was recycled IV – VI, will Star Wars X – XII be a recycled I – III?

9.If anybody directs Star Wars X – XII, it should be Christopher Nolan. Perhaps he’ll do a Star Wars trilogy like he did Batman: “Darth Vadar Rises,” “Darth Vadar,” and “Darth Vadar Begins.” I can see Batman as the Vadar now. Then perhaps Luke Skywalker will go over to the Dark Side and become the Joker.

10.The Millennium Falcon has about had it. Is it possible that it will retire in the next episode of Star Wars? I hope so. It deserves a rest.

When I’m Dead and Done

Another Uncle Bardie lyric.

When I’m dead and done
And my song has been sung,
When my sun has set
And my race is run.

I’ll catch that train to Glory
On Hallelujah Way
Onto Forever
And the dawn of a new day.

Riding mountains and rivers
Through the darkness of the night
With only a North Star
To steer me toward the Light.

When I’m dead and done
And my song has been sung,
When my sun has set
And my race is run.

I’ll travel with my friends
In my heart of hearts
And wonder of wonders
The delight of a new start.

I’ll reach my destination
There’s dancing in the street
Lots of alleluias
And plenty of folks to greet.

When I’m dead and done
And my song has been sung,
When my sun has set
And my race is run.

What does a superhero want?

Since the beginning of time, there have been superheroes galore. The Sumerians had Gilgamesh the searcher. The Greeks had the invincibility of Achilles and the strength of Hercules.The Vikings had the courage of Beowulf. The English had King Arthur and Excalibur.

We’ve had Thor and his hammer, Superman and his x-ray vision. Wonder Woman and her lasso. Iron Man and his armor. Spider Man and his web. Batman and his crime fighting skills. Green Arrow and his bow. Flash and his speed. Green Lantern and his ring. Captain America and his shield. The X-Men and their mutant powers. Luke Skywalker and his light saber. Frodo and his Sam.

All these superheroes wanted one thing. It wasn’t to stop Thanos from getting his six gems. It wasn’t to prevent Red Skull from creating an empire. It wasn’t to defeat Darth Vader and the Dark Side. It wasn’t to get a story for the Daily Planet. It wasn’t to help Commissioner Gordon defeat all the criminals in Gotham City.

All those goals were really a way to reach their ultimate goal. Which was to get a date for Saturday night. After all, Superheroes get lonely too.