micropoem for the day: amusement parks

When I was a kid, I went to Six Flags Over Texas. Lots of rides. Lots of fun. Here in Florida, there’s Sea World. There’s Disney World. Busch Gardens. And there’s Universal. All are big Wows. Just last year I went to Universal. And it was a treat. All I have to say is that there is nothing like a day in the amusement parks. Or at the zoo. Or just a day of getting away and having a big yippee of a time.

a day in the park
amusement rides and the shows
fireworks and sore feet

micropoem for the day: coffee

You’d think I would learn. I pour myself a cup of coffee. It’s a medium sized cup. Nothing like a mug. I take two sips and start on something. Writing or something else. Maybe washing the dishes or doing laundry. The next I know the coffee in the cup has chilled. It’s still a half cup. Why waste? So I give it ye olde zapporuni for twenty-five seconds in Mr. Microwave. I take another sip, then sit the cup down. Next time I pick it up to drink, it’s cold again. Is this a government plot against me or what?

coffee in the cup cold
microwave warms, coffee chills
the cycle of life

haiku for the day: haiku this day

Haiku is like breathing. It’s such a small thing. Just three lines but it can add up to so much. Like breathing. If we think about it, we are the total of the breaths we take. That’s the big thing. The small detail is this. Each time we breath in, then breath out, we are one breath closer to a No Breath. None of us can escape that. Though I hear some are trying.

the haiku this day
seventeen syllables
off a bit yet not


haiku for the day: time

I wake up in the morning and take a look at the clock. It’s digital and it sits on the table next to my bed. Its bright numbers glare at me, telling me that it’s boss. Soon I am awake and at it. The cat purrs her hello. And a smile appears on my puss. One moment I am thinking it’s just an ordinary day. The next, there’s nothing ordinary about this day. There might just be a rainbow.

the days tick away
each a sunrise and sunset
time meditations

haiku for the day: late night driving

Driving Midnight Blues 

Midnight driving my car 
hums alone through this city 
dotted with lakes, 
the road ahead an ocean 
of night my headlights part. 
The saxophone on the radio 
wails into the darkness 
enveloping me, ghostly wanderer, 
up and down the four-lanes 
as these midnight blues drive 
through the hot Florida night. 

I used to drive late at night a lot. I’d get into my car at around midnight and start driving. I didn’t have a destination. I just drove for two, sometimes three hours. I turned on the radio and let the music flow through me like some river. When I returned home, I crawled into bed and slept soundly. There was something soothing, refreshing about those drives. I don’t do that much anymore. 

songs on the radio
a well lit late night drive home
a meditation